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CixiJieda Nanometer Technology Co., Ltd. of Cixi City in Zhejiang Province, is located at the southern part of the Yangtze River Delta Economic Circle, commonly referred to as the Economic Golden Triangle, comprising cities of Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Ningbo. The company was founded in the 1980s, and after 30 years of growth &developement, Jieda has become a high technology enterprise combining research, production, and trade. Moreover, the company has become one of the enterprises producing a most complete variety of filaments. The products include filaments for toothbrushes, household brushes, tapered filaments, abrasive filaments, and industrial filaments. Furthermore, Jieda has established long-term strategic partnerships with Colgate, P&G, Unilever, Obsorn, etc. In polymer resins, Jieda produces PA610 and PA612. Jieda is also the general distributor for the Eastern China of PA66 resin, Hexanedioic acid, HDMA (hexamethylenediamine), etc., produced by the China Shenma Group which is on the list of China’s Top 500 Industrial Corporations.

The Company has embarked on the path of modernization by integrating education, research, and production. In cooperation with the Chemistry Institute of the China Academy of Sciences and the Ningbo Institute of Materials, a Ningbo Engineering Center has been established. It is a Provincial Level industrial innovation center. Currently, Jieda has 15 products with patents, & several national technology projects. In addition, Jieda is the leader in the drafting of three national standards, including toothbrush, children’s toothbrush & PBT toothbrush. These activities enhance Jieda’s international reputation and also significantly promote greater cooperation and joint development of projects with industrial partners worldwide.

Jieda’s goal is the long term success and development of the company.In order to sustain this, we have taken an unique approach:to instill a dynamic company culture. We believe that investing in our company’s people culture will be a win-win scenario for our people - as it will develop our staff’s talent to unleash individual potential -the staff members will benefit in having a career, a benevolent community, and an open-communication work policy, among other benefits. In turn, the company will benefit from the staff’s devotion and dedication to produce the best products. Additionally, Jieda takes its social responsibility seriously. For example, we established the first Cixi City Environmental Protection Foundation as well as participate in many charitable activities within the city.

On the path of development, Jieda has recorded achievement after achievement, and, in 2010, branchoffice was established in Shanghai. Specializing in importing and exporting business, it is successfully moving towards the important step of internationalization. In 2013, Shanghai Compass Imp.& Exp. Co., Ltd. was born in China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone, it was further globalization strategies to plug in a pair of wings for the Jieda. In 2014, Jieda has established our Hong Kong office, to further extend our services to our international customers. Under the glow of success, Jieda people are full of enthusiasm and zeal to face the challenges of tomorrow with the confidence that more glorious days are ahead in the future.
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